More About Ancient Words

The leadership of Ancient Words firmly believes that a thorough and accurate understanding of God’s Word is the key to spiritual maturity for every believer in Christ.  Since the Word of God is the sword of the Spirit, believers must learn how to prayerfully study the Word so God’s Spirit can wield it in their lives – to illuminate, convict, empower, and combat darkness.  Without a solid understanding of God’s Word, believers are not equipped to apply the teachings of Jesus and bear fruit for the Kingdom of God.  On the other hand, a clear understanding of God’s truths, as given in the Scriptures, will give direction and confidence in this world while preparing us for eternal life with Christ. 

Teaching Methodology

Ancient Words classes are usually offered in an interactive lecture format.  Instructors attempt to immerse the students in the subject matter by asking probing, open-ended questions in the classroom.  Students are also encouraged to ask questions – even the difficult questions – since our purpose is to arrive at understanding, in addition to conveying knowledge.  Questions are often followed with further questions, in Socratic style, leading to deeper insights. 

It is important to note that the questioning is not for the purpose of challenging the Master, but for the purpose of clarifying our understanding of His message.  Although we do not claim to have all the answers, we believe there is great merit in exploring God’s Word together since He gave it for our instruction and growth.  It is of great benefit to understand the different perspectives of a subject, rather than teaching only one perspective.  This approach results in deeper understanding and clear balance in our worldview.  The short answer is that our focus is truth, and we believe that God’s Word is truth that should be carefully mined and refined as a precious treasure. 

The course material often includes in-class written-exercises, discussions, and homework assignments, which challenge students to thoughtfully process the classroom information. 


Our entire curriculum is based on our Principles of Bible Study course.  Other Ancient Words courses include The Parables of Jesus, The Appointed Times, and Old Testament History.

Coming Soon!

Ancient Words is in the process of developing a video series about the Appointed Times, which are found in Leviticus 23 and other parts of the Law of Moses.  An in-depth study of this subject reveals that the Appointed Times are actually prophesies of the Messiah (i.e. the Christ), and the New Testament very clearly shows that Jesus fulfilled these prophesies down to the letter!  

We are very excited about this series, as we believe it will have the effect of establishing believers in their faith, as well as demonstrating to seekers that Jesus truly is the Christ.  Our hope is that it will also provide a bridge to the Jewish community, since it demonstrates that God’s plan for redemption was completed, as prophesied, through the Jewish people through their brother Jesus.  For people who have difficulty seeing God’s plan throughout history, this series will demonstrate how the prophesies of redemption and eternal life were given from the earliest times since creation and follow through to our modern times!