Who's Teaching?

Don is the president of Ancient Words Ministries, whose focus is teaching God's Word to those who will teach it to others. You're sure to learn some valuable information in these classes, as Don's teaching style is thought provoking and interactive. Besides that, he's a fun guy who likes to have a good time! Connect to LinkedIn to learn more about Don.

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The Principles of Bible Study Course has been divided into three parts:

   Part 1: The Foundation for Study

   Part 2: Setting the Stage for Your Passage

   Part 3: The Simple Machines of Bible Study

Part One: The Foundation for Study

Part One – The Foundation for Study – is self-study reading that students will complete before the first day of class. When students enroll in the course, they will receive a copy of the Principles of Bible Study book (included in the course fee), which contains the prerequisite material. Part One can usually be completed within a few hours of reading.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book without enrolling in the class, please click here.

Parts Two and Three will be the focus of the remaining weeks of the class.

Part Two: Setting the Stage for your Passage

Selecting a version of the Bible

  -  Why does it make a difference which English version of the Bible I use?

The Concept of Context

  -  Why is context so important to an accurate understanding of a passage?
  -  How can I determine where the context begins and ends for a passage?

Researching the background of a passage of Scripture. Should we really be concerned about the following influences on a passage?

  -  Historical
  -  Cultural/Social
  -  Geographical
  -  Political/Governmental
  -  Religious
  -  Military

Figurative Speech in the Bible – How can I know when to interpret something literally or figuratively? To what extent is figurative speech used in the Bible?

Part Three: The Simple Machines of Bible Study

What is the most effective way to study a portion of Scripture? PxP

Scriptural Meditation and Reflection

Reading Basics - a new perspective on an old friend...

Worthy of Note

Exploring Through Socratic Style Questioning

  -  Questioning absolute truth via Socratic style questioning
  -  Knowing what to ask as you seek to understand
  -  Learning where to probe with your questions

Clarifying the Terms

  -  If I am not familiar with the Biblical languages, how can I know the possible meanings of words in their original languages? 
  -  Is there any latitude for interpretation differences in the grammatical structure of a passage?
 -  How can I know?

Follow the Weaver

 -  How did the writer or speaker weave the message throughout the context?

Dare to Juxtapose!

  -  Gaining insights from side–by–side comparisons

Articulating your Learning

  -  What do I do with my learning?
  -  How do I know if I understand?
  -  How do I know what I do not understand?
  -  How can I gain long-term benefit from this study?
  -  How will this new understanding change my life?
  -  How can I use it to benefit others?

Without adhering to sound principles of Bible study, a person can prove almost anything from the Bible. But our goal is to understand the message as it was intended by the Holy Spirit, through the original writer or speaker. It's common sense.

Is this course for me?

Course Prerequisites

The Principles of Bible Study course is geared for adults who are eager to learn God's Word and willing to apply themselves to diligent study. The material is challenging, requiring students to take a fresh look at their approach to understanding the Scriptures. On the other hand, you don't need to be concerned if you are not at ease with some of the intimidating theological words that you hear and see - this class has a very gentle way of demystifying the terms to help you become very comfortable with them.

Student ages typically range from post high–school to retirees, so if you love to study God's Word or if you are a teacher or small group leader, then this class would be a great benefit to you. It will provide a solid understanding of how to study God's Word and will provide the necessary skills to correctly interpret and discern if others are doing the same... or not.

In order to maximize our class time, students should complete Part One of the course before the first evening of class. All of our class time will focus on Parts Two and Three, and we are anticipating that everyone will be ready to jump into the work on the first day of class.

This course was designed take advantage of internet technologies, so we highly recommend that students have internet access readily available to access web sites and to submit assignments via email.

Although we would prefer to offer Principles of Bible Study at no cost, we have decided to charge a nominal fee of $75 for the eight weeks to cover our costs of hardcopy materials. Scholarships are available if the cost presents a financial hardship for you.

Upon enrollment, students will be provided with an enrollment package, which includes a copy of the prerequisite material.